Manufacturing Development Services in New Mexico

Need help designing a niche component for your business? Looking for a prototyping and tooling specialist who has the know-how to bring your concepts to life? Butterman Tool has been trusted by companies across New Mexico for decades, and we offer a wide array of manufacturing development services. From CAD assistance and iterative designing to manufacturing development machining, we have the skill and abilities to help you succeed.

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Prototyping is a natural part of product and component development. We understand this iterative process and the nuances of successful design planning and execution. Consult with our team about rapid prototyping, made possible by our robust manufacturing development machining abilities. Whether you already have a design or need help fine-tuning a concept through production modeling, we’re ready to help.


Once your prototype design is finalized, we can help you put it into production. From short-runs to limited runs with tight turns, our facilities are at your disposal. We believe in offering end-to-end manufacturing development services, which means you can count on us for production that’s swift, affordable and exemplary. We pass no defects and ensure the integrity of every product that passes through our production line.

Tooling Design

Tooling is a critical part of prototyping and manufacturing development. Rest assured, we understand the importance of a process that’s tailored around the unique needs and applications of the product you’re developing. Trust in our keen attention to detail and skilled machining abilities when you need a tooling design partner who’s a cut above the rest.

Contract Manufacturing Development

Butterman Tool provides manufacturing development services for companies big and small, across a broad range of industries and specializations. Contact us today at 505-891-2758 to learn more about our capabilities and to work with professionals who are committed to the excellence of your products.

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