Wire EDM Services in New Mexico

Wire electrical discharge machining (EDM) is a sophisticated fabrication strategy that’s ideal for prototyping and precision machining. Few shops in New Mexico are equipped with the capability to leverage this technique like Butterman Tool. Not only does our shop offer the capabilities and equipment to deliver wire EDM services, our skilled professionals are able to deliver superior results thanks to their experience and knowledgeability.

Wire Electrical Discharge Machining

T Wire electrical discharge machining is an extremely accurate form of production machining that allows for more nuanced features at the point of machining. It’s a process that uses electrical discharges (arcs) between an electrically charged wire and the workpiece surface to melt and evaporate materials from the workpiece, thus removing them without the use of a surrounding die or cut. In this process, the machine only removes the desired material from work piece which results in precision machined parts.

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Our EDM Advantages

The sophisticated nature of wire EDM services offers our customers a bevy of benefits. Here’s a look at what you can expect from this approach as it relates to your project and its outcomes:

A higher degree of precision, even for sophisticated parts

Lower machining costs that keep prototyping costs lower

Expedited machining timelines, for faster turns

The ability to improve already-manufactured parts

The bottom line is that EDM is often faster, more cost-efficient and more robust than traditional machining for parts and component that require a high degree of specification.

Precision Prototyping

At Butterman Tool, we’re extremely proud of our prototyping abilities, and we look forward to the unique challenges presented to us with each product we work on. Clients across New Mexico come to us because of our ability to expedite the prototyping process using wire EDM, while producing results that meet and exceed the application specifications of our customers’ needs.

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Want to learn more about wire EDM and how we can apply it to your upcoming project? Contact Butterman Tool today at 505-891-2758 for more information about our shop and our capabilities, and past experience we have working on prototyping projects just like yours.

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